Veronika Children Leukemia Foundation is a Canada based non-profit
society (S-0060226) named after Veronika Shimarova, the 2 y.o. brave
girl from Russia,  who was diagnosed with leukemia and was the first
child we took under our caring wing.
Our Organization is dedicated to providing a charitable relief to
children diagnosed with leukemia in the countries of the former Soviet
Union, who have no access to adequate treatment.
We want to make sure that our patients' lives depend not on their
income or birthplace, but on the progress of modern medicine.
Leukemia is no longer a death sentense in our world. Many patients
recover and have healthy lives thanks to modern therapy and testing
But if we compare numbers of recoved children from the modern world and
those from Russia, we come up to 90% vs 40-60%.
Nearly 5000 children are diagnosed with leukemia in Russia, most of
them most likely would need a BMT.
There is no national bone marrow donor registry in Russia and patients
who need BMT (and don't have matched donors in the family) have to
seek for any  Oncology Center which accepts them for treatment and
bone marrow transplant (BMT) abroad.
Veronika Children Leukemia Foundation supports one child at a time who
has to travel for treatment abroad because he/she can no longer be
treated within Russia or the former Soviet Union.
We host different events such as garage sales, bowling nights, charity
BBQs etc, where with help of our voluntees we raise money to transfer
them directly to the hospital towards treatment for the child fighting
blood cancer.
We strongly believe that if we manage to give a chance to live to even
one child, it will change the world!