Free Walk and Flash Mob in Vancouver

Free walk

On October 20th 2012, at 12 p.m. we will start a walk to raise awareness about children suffering from leukemia from countries of the former Soviet Union.

Date: October 20th 2012
Time: 12 p.m to aprox. 2 p.m.
Place: starting from Vancouver Art Gallery of West Georgia, 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver

On that day we would like feature the story of 9-year old Vlad Korobkov from the Ukraine.
Vlad had all the chances to become disease free, but the opportunity was missed because of the
shortage of beds in the only Ukrainian center performing BMT. When Vlad finally was admitted
it was too late. His remission was over. At this point doctors in the Ukraine cannot help him
because the potent medication he needs is not available in his native country.
Right now Vlad is undergoing chemotherapy and awaiting responses from foreign hospitals to be
transferred there.
We want to show our support to Vlad so unfairly robbed of his chance to become cancer free.
Our walk will be filmed and broadcasted on YouTube. We will send Vlad and his family our
heartfelt wishes of health, courage and hope.

Please come and join us! A little boy on the other side of the globe needs you!