Charity Action "Sketch For The Future"

Sketch for the Future

The charity Action "Sketch For The Future" is a project that transforms a hobby into real help. I like to draw black and white sketches, so I will do this for as long as the project lasts (I hope it will go on for about 1 year as of October 2013). The main idea of this project is to sketch a picture, then to sell an original, for approximately $10 or more. A person, who is willing to help the program, takes the picture and donates $10 or more toVeronika Children Leukemia Foundation  (Canada). Any donation is greatly appreciated! You can find information on how to do so below in this text. As an artist, I get a notification that a donation was made from the Foundation's authorities and after that, I ship your picture to you. Other than your donation, no other expenses will be involved. I'll pay for postage myself.

How long will it take for your picture to arrive? Depends on how far away you are; I live in British Columbia, Canada.

I will appreciate your feedback once you get the picture. My email is:

Here are some examples of pictures created uniquely for this project:




You can find my gallery in my FB account Suzanna Orlova


Anyone who wants to volunteer or participate in this fundraising activity, please let me know.

My email is:

Sketch size, matted: 13х18 cm

Further information:

  • Every sketch is unique.
  • You can present it to your friends or relatives or send it as a postcard. The only thing not allowed is selling, copying, or reproudcing the sketches.
  • Every sketch is signed by me, as the creator- Suzanna Orlova.
  • The essence of this project is not about a technique, a scene, or artistic skills. I believe, that the most important thing is that somebody a thousand miles away from you, draws a little picture just for you and that very picture has the ability to make the world a better place. 
  • I am not a professional artist, and my sketches are not perfect.
  • The sketches can show different things: my cat, autumn leaves in the park, boats in the harbour, my friends, roses from my garden. I never know what I will sketch next time.

Thank you friends for your participation, comments and opinions!