SPRING CONCERT - A Benefit for Chernobyl - Sunday, May 25, 2:00 pm

Spring ConcertWHEN: Sunday,  May 25, 2014

WHERE: Russian Hall, 600 Campbell Ave, Vancouver, BC

Upper Hall

ADMISSION - Adult: $10. Children under 12: Free

Join us for a celebration of song, music and theatrical performance.


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FRC BC Druzhba (Friendship) Choir
Director: Larissa Divakova

The Troika Collective - Chernobyl: The Opera

Set to the haunting yet beautiful contemporary music of composer Elliot Vaughan, Chernobyl: The Opera tells the stories of survivors of the meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor as well as of those who have chosen to resettle in the region despite the dangers to their health. Using verbatim text taken from interviews and sung by an ensemble of seven, Chernobyl: the Opera uses music, movement, and projection to explore the horrifying and heartbreaking yet compelling history of a nuclear disaster. (Excerpt)

Vostok - Emily Villavicencio, Lauren Kresowaty, and Aliya Griffin

Vostok (the East) is an a cappella vocal trio from East Vancouver specializing in music from Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

La Trova Nuestra - Ramon Flores (Nicaragua), Hugo Rojas (Chile), Rolo Preza (El Salvador), Trevor O'Rourke (Canada), and Yoli Garcia (Guatemala)

La Trova Nuestra is a collective of troubadours originating from across Latin America and now residing in Metro Vancouver. Keepers of a musical tradition with origins deep within Latin America's La Raza Mestiza (mixed roots) - La Trova Nuestra interplays music and poetry - expressing the explosive changes within the continent of Latin America today. They have been described as, "The encounter between a man, a guitar and poetry - voices pledging for a better world".

Resounding Scream Theatre

Resounding Scream Theatre is committed to creating new works of art relevant to today’s social climate. In this piece, artistic associate Linda Pitt and actor Sarah Bernstein discover some things about Chernobyl with the help of music, dance and two cats left behind.

For more information, contact Aliya at the Russian Hall - 604-254-9932 or frcbc@telus.net