This is not an advertisement or promotion of any kind. This is an open thank you letter to all our supporters and friends.

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Veronika Children Leukemia Foundation we would like to express our deepest appreciation for your ongoing support of our charity.  Being a small volunteer-based organization we are very grateful for all contributions that come in different shapes and sizes. Your financial support, gifts-in-kinds, your time and volunteer hours, your expertise and effort are invaluable gifts to the Veronika Children Leukemia Foundation and the children that our charity supports.
Below we would try to mention a few donors that supported us through the years (if somehow we failed to acknowledge your contribution and didn’t add you to the list please contact us and we will be happy to correct any oversight).

EuroFood Tri-Cites
Rodos Kuzina
Pegasus Pizza
Vancouver and Us Russian newspaper
Storage for Your Life
9 Moons Designs
Performing Group Serebro
Waves Coffee
Realtor Tatyana Urbaniak
Galina Rogova - FS Financial

We hope that in collaboration we will give hope to many children suffering from leukemia and other types of cancer, and they will get a chance to get medical attention that every child deserves. We help one child at time, and even though it makes a small difference on a world scale, it means the world for that boy or girl and their family!

Thanks again for everything!

Veronika Foundation Board of Directors